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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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hour, imagine being in a semi truck that crashes at the speed. that is what patrick lived through and this shows the stunning story. the dash-cam video taken by a semi truck driver tuesday as he was approaching the ridley exit captured what could have been the final moments of his life. free life playing on the radio, according to patrick novak, he felt the back of his truck fall off and it went on its side and came to a crashing halt, he condition believe he walked away from the accidents alive. you can see the truck bounce and the windshield explosioned on impact and novak who tells "action news" he owns his own trucking company was able to unbuckle his seatbelt and climb out of the truck where the
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windshield should have been, and climbed to safety. he said he suffered no injuries, he always has his dash-cam rolling but never expected to capture his owner death experience, it appears to be a back axle and tires completely torn off the truck, no other cars were impacted from the crash on i-95 just north of 476. novak wouldn't speculate on what caused this crash saying that is a matter for the insurance company, however he says it wasn't a blown tire or another vehicle, he did just recently have his truck in the shop for repairs and no word if faulty repairs cause what could have been a deadly accident, live in ridley township, i'm wendy saltzman, channel 6 "action news." >> a philadelphia police officer was injured making an arrest in spring garden yesterday, at the
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1200 block of ridge avenue, the officer confronted the burglary suspect with a pole and a scuffle ensued and during the take down the officer was injured and he is being treated at temple hospital but is expected to be released. the trial is underway for many -- 25-year-old katherine knot faces assault and other charges from last september. prosecutors say that she and her friends were out on the town when they encountsered a couple and started to throw profanity laced slurs at them. her attorney claims his clients did not touch the victims. the american red cross is helping two delaware county families after a fire broke out, forcing residents to make a run for it. it happened on the 800 block of
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merchant street in coatesville. this is the scene before 1:00 this afternoon and scores of firemen were called to fight the scene and two families are now in need of lodging and food and the cause of the blaze is under investigation, a fast moving fire was in a vacant house in philadelphia, video captured the flames shooting from north randolph street at 5:00 this morning. crews got the fire under control in 15 minutes. nobody was hurt. religious and civic leaders from across philadelphia are coming together tonight to deliver a powerful message, they are taking a strong stangs against violent extremism. erin o'hearn is live now where a vigil got underway. >> reporter: that is right. the vigil started moments ago and people from all religious back growns gathered here
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tonight to express solidarity for the muslim community. whether it's on the political stage or a violence act on a local mosque, they will not tolerate it. >> we can give in to fear and hatred. >> reporter: there is no focus on donald trump but the common denominator of all religions, this is a time to pray together and be together to send a clear message that this is not what any religion is about and not what the u.s. is about. aftershock after the paris attack and san bernardino. >> mr. trump may find himself finding himself being called terrorist because they are injecting fear within the psyche of the american people. we come in a common voice to say this must stop.
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sunday night a severed pig's head was thrown as a mosque but afterwards there were acts of kindness, sending the mosque cakes and cookies and voices of support. including this representative of the jewish nonprofit. >> calling to express our anger about this incident and to say we are sorry and to offer resources and support that we can. >> whether are you in islam or judaism or christianity or not in any religion you have a beautiful heart this is what god gave us. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 we'll bring you more from the vigil, and tell you why some local leaders believe that the anti-muslim rhetoric is so dangerous they believe that the republican party should disqualify donald trump from the
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presidential race. >> thank you. meantime the reward has increased for information on the arrest for whoever threw the pig's head at the mosque in philadelphia. peta pitched in $2,000 and the sheriff's office is offering the other $2,000. in this or any hate crime, the quran prohibits muslims from eating pork or pigs. and they learned important tips about staving safe. septa passengers came to the fern rock rail station to be reminded of -- pamphlets to remind people not to walk along or even cut along the tracks, the fern rock station served 3500 riders every weekday. turning to accuweather now, it doesn't feel like december now with the unseasonably warm temperatures we have got. >> matt pellman is outside and
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meteorologist, cecily tynan, is outside with the accuweather forecast. >> he is out there with you for a bit. >> what a day to be outside. it felt like spring time in early december, our high in philadelphia shot up to 62 degrees, that is 16 degrees for this time of year, the record high for this time of year is 71 degrees, not quite a record and 16 degrees above normal. right now temperatures are mild, 58 in philadelphia and reading 53 and trenton 55, and sea isle city 53 and millville 53, a light jacket is all you need, satellite, we have showers and that is expected early in the morning, giving way to a good amount of sunshine and there are clouds beginning to move in the northern suburbs, partly cloudy skies and patchy fog developing overnight, but the evening
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planner showing you it will take a while for temperatures to drop below 50, 8:0052 and 9:00, 51 and 10:00, 49 degrees, the next four days will feel like october with the jet stream up to the north, we knts get the arctic air so we get a surge of warm air, record warmth, tomorrow ties the record of 65 and saturday beating it by 1 degrees and sunday beating it by 3 degrees, but this party has to come to an end. i'm tracking the rain in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. lets check our "action news" traffic report now with matt pellman in our studio. lets see what matt has for us. >> good evening i'm here along the blue route in delco, southbound an accident off to the side past route 30 the
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villanova interests change and the southbound traffic is heavy past the schuylkill on down to the route 1 media bypass, and the travel time is more than 20 minutes delayed on the southbound side of 476, the only traffic getting by is that of the equine variety. blocking off front street, you can stay on elm street or 320 by gsk, and a new accident at 476, the blue route and police activity east of broad. and port richmond, richmond street remains blocked for construction, aramingo is a possible alternate and the tacony palmyra bridge coming down, traffic just started to move on it's heavy on both sides of river, we'll check it again and hopefully can you find me in the next half hour.
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>> much more to come on "action news," a new jersey woman's important mission why she is lobbying lawmakers for a next of kin bill. >> pregnant women have a higher risk of developing complications of the flu and details are in health check. cecily tynan is check with alowser look at the forecast.
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rowan university is mourning the loss of a ben factor, henry rowan passed away at the age of 92, his $100 million gift to the then glassboro state college in 1992, is the largest gift to date to a college or university. christ christie calls him one of the great philanthropists of our time. and now they are looking to enact a resolution to require hospitals to notify a family member if a person comes in that can't communicate. that surprisingly doesn't exit. diane's mom was rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke, they made one call to
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her mother's empty home, there was no effort to fine a next of kin. >> they went through her wallet and got her insurance information and her unlocked phone was right in her purse, my info was in there, and her sister and my brother. everything was right there. >> kennedy is one of several hospitals not required to find family members. today she testified hoping to push forward a measure to change that. and now the annual checkup, the annual health foundation ranks states from the unhealthiest to the healthiest. >> this goes from 1 to 50 with 1 being the most healthy it's hawaii for the fourth time in a row. now for our area, new jersey
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came in at 11, pretty good and pennsylvania 29 and delaware came in at 32. but this is good news for delaware they actually moved up three spots this year. overall the country saw improvements with preventing hospitalizations and infant mortality went down and fewer americans are smoking and more people are getting vaccines and more people are exercising and more deaths related to drug overdose and more diabetes and obesity and more kids living in poverty, for more on this report go to check. >> and flu activity in our area is still low, but we have several more months to go, the vaccine and good hand washing is the best way to prevent the flu, and everyone is encouraging to get the flu shot and that includes pregnant women, this changes the function of your immune system and pregnant women
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are at greater risks of complications from the flu and even death, a flu shot is the best way to protect mom and the baby. >> her immune response is passed to the baby and then the baby will have the passive immunity. especially the babes born during the flu season, it's very important for them. >> moms to be need to get the injection and not the flu mist and early reports show that this year's vaccine seems to be a good match for the viruses going around and making it more effective than last year's vaccine. that is good news rick. >> thank you ali. some talented youngsters entertained employees at the delaware courthouse today. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> they even met a special
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audience member, sid, the crime fighting dog who was dressed in holiday attire and took time out to snap a few pictures with the crowd. >> a very well behaved sid. >> why the government is ordering one lawmaker to pay up. wal-mart is rolling out a new way to pay and we have the details when we come back.
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wal-mart customered will have a way to pay for goods. it's walled wal-mart pay and they can log on to their accounts and use a code at the register, then they pay on their phone without using a cash or card, right now it's only available in arkansas but they plan to tad to all of their u.s. stores by the middle of the next year. volkswagonon says the cheating on emissions tests goes back to 2005. the engineers began working on the cheating software after they
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could not find a workable solution to help them pass u.s. emissions tests. they confirmed they cheated on the tests that are more rigorous than the european tests. the national highway transportation administration is finding the company $70 million, they are required to report information about accidents so regulators could determine if a vehicle need tods be recalled. still to come tonight we'll check the forecast again. sky 6 hd at penn's landing, a beautiful night out there, this is great. cecily tynan is live with details from accuweather.
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comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their own home. ♪ we are breaking news to pass along tonight for commuters on i-95 north on allegheny in port richmond, the car on fire, is right there. fire crews are about to arrive and we were looking at it and there weren't fire crews at the scene yet but they seem to be converging there and traffic is stalled and could be that way for sometime. this is i-95 north at allegheny in port richmond, no injuries just the car fire and we'll keep
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an eye on the fire for you and more information and update you when matt pellman comes back with the traffic report in the next half hour. now meteorologist, cecily tynan, is here and folks are getting rid of the heavy coats and they don't even need a sweater half the time. >> people are complaining they can't get into the holiday spirit. i want to show you this photo, throw back thursday, this was from bensalem two years ago and we had about 10 inches of snow on the ground this date in 2013, remember that eagles-lions game we had 8.5 inches and two days later we got another 2 inches and contrast this with what it looks like now, sandy from marlton postd this on my twitter account and it shows the daffodils are starting to poke out of the soil, because of these temperatures, right now 58
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degrees in philadelphia, down from the high of 62, that is 16 degrees above normal and allentown 49 and millville 48 and trenton 55 and cape may 53 degrees and we have really had a temperature seesaw, remember january, february and march, temperatures were running 5 degrees below normal and 10 degrees below normal in february, and since then every single month has been above normal. april through december averaging 3 degrees above normal. and it's only going to get warmer over the next six days, satellite 6 along with action radar showing some cloud cover north of philadelphia, we could have fog developing with the relatively warm air in place, 34 in philadelphia and some places upper 30s and reading and millville 38 and cape may 46 and
5:27 pm
wilmington and trenton 40 degrees, we'll see patchy clouds and low fog early tomorrow morning at 7:00, especially east of philadelphia and then by the afternoon the sunshine is back and patchy clouds across the lehigh valley and temperatures in the mid-60s and saturday another day of sunshine so if you head to the link for the army navy game, kickoff 3:00 and the temperature 66 degrees by the fourth quarter, 66 with record high temperatures, can you wear the short-sleeves to the linc. up to 65 tomorrow tying the record high and a good amounts of sunshine and saturday we break the record by 1 degree, 66. and sunday 68 and mild and rainy, and tuesday we cool off to 56 and we can't keep these temperatures all winter long, stay tuned to the accuweather special. winter storm tonight. we'll take a look at what to expect from the mountains to the
5:28 pm
shore and get a long range, very detailed prediction, and we'll go behind the scenes to show you what it takes to put a forecast together from start to finish, preparing for winter's wrath, here on 6 abc, i hope you watch because again we are not dealing with the temperatures all winter long, already thank you cecily. more to come in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. parents at a philadelphia school rupp set about a little second grader that brought needles to school and tried to hurt others. and a man -- planning a paris style attack -- and 50 boston commuters fine themselves on a run away train and officials say it may have been tampered with. now a developing story, "action news" has learned that the atf is investigating a suspicious fire in the city's port richmond section, it broke out in a row home under construction on the 26
5:31 pm
block just before 1:30, the atf says it's arson and they are conductsing an investigation tonight. parents at a north philadelphia school are angry at the slow pace in which they were notified of an incident this week. a student stuck other children with a hypodermic needle, parents only found out second and third hand. >> reporter: parents dropping their children off at the george mead school are upset. yesterday a third grade girl brought needles to school and stuck five kids. some parents claim the district did not notify them. >> you never got a letter. >> to see it on the news was like a shock. >> this man found out from his little sister in the classroom, she was unharmed. the child with the needles appeared to be taunting the kids.
5:32 pm
>> the little girl was running and chasing the kids and screaming and chasing and telling the teacher to come here she has a needle. >> lashonda peterson did get stuck in the back. >> whoever kid it was they should have check their book bags before they come. >> now the 8-year-old has to get tested regularly to see if she contracting anything. >> did the needles have anything in them. >> we don't know that. we do know that the needle came from a child's home. >> the school district is working with the philadelphia police and they called parents of students hurt immediately and the next day they called parents of students in the vicinity of the incident and sent letters home. >> some are upset with the school and some with the girl's parents. >> teach safety.
5:33 pm
have extra police officer. >> she is just one person, but my point is parents have to do their job too. >> counselors are on hand for all the students, including the little girl that brought the needles to school she doesn't face charges but part of the police investigation is to find out what if anything was in the needles and what led her to bring them here or if there was negligence in her home that led her to bring them to school. geneva police are huntsing for four suspects allegedly linked to isis, for allegedly plotting an attack similar to paris last month. investigators won't say much but they confirm the four were the same ones shown in a newspaper photo. former u.s. representative joe sestak brought his wealth of
5:34 pm
knowledge to the world affairs council today, they need to approach isis as a state and not just a terrorist organization. >> it is a state that controls a population the size of norway. and a territory that is actually the size of belgium that went into lockdown a few weeks ago, again an isis threat. >> sestak says the military strategy should be to target the infrastructure and its income and they need a coalition including russia and willing arab countries. a man in wilksboro is hail aid hero for stopping a desperate mother trying to kill them and herself. a man came back on his bus depot and found a hose notice tailpipe of a car that was closed up. he got the kids out of the backseat and called police,
5:35 pm
melissa shoal was charged in the case and he said she could not face raising the children alone anymore. the danger of mudslides in washington is high there, crews in the woodland area are trying to clear mud, rocks and trees that hurdled down an enbankment yesterday. truck drivers condition take the detour and they are lined up 15 miles waiting for at least one lane to open. two local women that began their business careers as kids, jumped in the waters with the sharks, they will tomorrow night. they are taking their invention to shark tank and nydia han has a chance to talk to them about their big moment. >> reporter: these ladies are in their mid to late 20s but they are long time business partners, the first was a lemonade stand in the fourth grade together and now they are peddling this a
5:36 pm
natural deoderant called piper y. >> it has charcoal but runs in clear and take a small amounts and then rub it in. >> i caught up with jess edlestein and sara ribner at the manufacturing plant for piper y. >> the jars get filled on that end and then capped and over here they put the shrink band on the jar. >> this can make 10,000 jars, a big upgrade from when we used to hand craft it in a kitchen with a pastry bag 100 jars at a time. >> edlestein wants to use a natural deoderant. >> i couldn't find one that lasted all day or didn't irritate my skin, i gave some to sara to try when she went on a volunteering trip to america, and it works, she said there say
5:37 pm
lot of demand for a product like this if you can sell and i said i would if you are my partner. >> they started production runs here at power line packaging inc. and now they are looking to shark tank to take it to the next level. we researched and practiced our pitch non-stop and we have all the answers to any potential answer they could ask us. all the while being reminded that the show offers no guarantees, even with the plane tickets there was no guarantee we would get in front of sharks and then there was no guarantee we would get an air date but it was a great leap of faith. >> so what happens? the shark tank episode will air tomorrow night at 9:00. we know they are on the show but we don't know what happens, or if someone invests, no question they have a bright future, i did bring one of these back and i
5:38 pm
thought you could use it. >> ha, ha, ha. >> it's a nice gender neutral extent you'll smell like a spa. >> i need all the help i can get apparently. meantime, president obama has signed legislation overha overhauling the no child left behind law, he praises republicans and democrats for passing the measure, it changes the way teachers are evaluated and how the poorest performing schools are pushed to improve. mr. obama says no child left behind had the right goals but had a cookie cutter approach. now police say that a medical condition may have caused this drive toward ramming into a high voltage tower this morning, the car burst into flames when it hit the tower in newark, witnesses say that the driver got out and walked home. >> officers interests viewed the 40-year-old driver that cited medical problems.
5:39 pm
now for an update on the highways and by ways, matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> we are keeping our eyes on this situation in port richmond, northbound lanes of 95 right by the exit for allegheny avenue and since you showed us the shot a bit ago, two different fire trucks arrived and extinguished the fire and they have the right lane blocked, the two loest lanes are getting by and north of penn's landing a wall of traffic with speeds of 10 miles per hour, and i would stay local in the neighborhoods like aramingo or frankford or northbound on the boulevard, although on cotman there is a crash on the inner drive and by the enunciation of the blessed mary by willis town methodist church look for a christ and by the christiana mall on highway
5:40 pm
100 southbound taking out lanes there, speeds in the 30s coming off 95. rick and monica back over to you. investigators are trying to figure out how a train carrying 50 passengers managed to travel without an engineer in boston. it came to a halt when they powered down the third rail, the operator left the train after a signal issue, and he is placed on administrative leave and that there was a safety device that may have been tampered with. no official cause is determined. more ahead on "action news," she allegedly ruined the wedding days of eight brides but a social media campaign is ruining her bid to keep it up. and chip kelly and former eagle, shady as we all know him. we have the latest coming up.
5:41 pm
16 degrees above normal today and now we are talking about records for three straight days. >> all right and viola davis is in the running for a big award in hollywood, those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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a woman is behind bars in las vegas charged with being a bridal bandit, denise burns stole wallets and drivers licenses from bridal parties in southern california wracking up charges. she posted her tweet on social media and heard from eight other brides that were also victimized. it's an early christmas present for her the woman that wrecked her special day. now jaime apody with sports, lesean mccoy said he would not shake chip kelly today and he took the high road. yesterday he took the remorseful
5:45 pm
side, he said he would not shake his hand and that he and the coach had nothing to talk about. today i asked kelly, hear that makes him feel. it turned into a long apology. >> i understand that how he was traded was not handled right, i did not get an opportunity to talk to him and it's a lesson we should never do, to be honest we were told the trade was not initiated until the next morning so there was no phone calls to be made. i did not get a chance to talk to him. i tried to call him and he did not answer. he should be miss-ed and rightly so. and demarco murray told me he is happy here, he said absolutely, but does he regret signing here?
5:46 pm
>> not at all, i made a commitment to chip and i love the fans and playing for this team. i signed on the dotted line and i newt i would be here for a long time and i am committed to winning a lot of games and it's a tough year for me and the team, and we are tied for first place and have a chance to do some special things and i'm committed here for the long run. >> so sunday should be a running backside show, obvious ly -- former eaglie, herm williams ha a problem with the way they both handle it. >> i don't want to coach this it's not professional football man. >> the players think it's all about them. >> i see players do this, and it hurts me and i'm a part of the
5:47 pm
media. >> it hurts me that they put their own identity, their own egos in fronts of the team, they are not talking about football they are talking about nonsense, it's not the game of football tray. if i didn't work here i'd walk off this set now i'm tired about talking about this mess and these players. >> the nba has lost a legend, dofl shays was 87 years old. the one and 21 sixers facing the nets, okafor is back but is not playing well at all. >> it's all part of the process. i wouldn't call it a slump or anything like that. >> so on sunday it's all about the running backs, it's an interesting game.
5:48 pm
>> thank you jaime. more on "action news" tonight, sky 6 hd looking live at the temple university cam. meteorologist, adam joseph, is up with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios.
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go online and sign up today. the golden globe nominations are out and they faired well,
5:51 pm
viola davis is back in contention again, on how to get away with murder, in the movie, carol, landed a leading five nominations included in that is best dramatic picture and the best short got best picture and comedy, you can see the full list at check it out. lets check out the forecast one more time, we can look at it, it's only going to get better, is this for real? records for the next three days here. as we look at double scan live radar we have a few high clouds at times and morning showers and also some morning clouds as well. >> it's on the almanac. we'll go to love park first, sunshine above earlier on today, overall a very warm day and the only sikts we are seeing of winter is some of the
5:52 pm
decorations around the delaware valley and the lehigh valley and also your front yard. as we look at our computer system it's kind of going crazy now and cecily is trying to help me out here as well. she is going to go back and do it manually here, i'll show stormtracker 6 live double scan around the region right now and there you can see nothing going on whatsoever, again a few showers early this morning and overall this afternoon nice with the sunshine and also above normal temperatures. 62 is the high today, well above the normal of 46 degrees, 46 this morning was our low, that is typically our afternoon high temperature. the record is 71 degrees. we are getting a lot of photos on facebook and twitter, this one sent in from mary from boyer town, showing that some of the vegetation and trees and flowers are confused if you did not cut back the perennials they are
5:53 pm
trying to bloom once again with this rare december heat. 49 in allentown and 58 in philadelphia, and 53 reading and 48 in millville and dover and sea isle city coming in in the low 50s. they are high cloud cover in the west. high clouds coming in at times and sunshine is the dominant feature and for tonight, patchy fog is developing later on tonight and 37 in the suburbs and 44 for center city and the day planner will show any morning fog will burn off to a decent amount of sunshine at 10:00 in the morning and 1:00, 62 and 63 around 4:00 but we'll hit 65 for the high tomorrow that is record tying, we'll call that the rare december heat with sun and clouds and the warm front lifts to the northern on saturday and that continues to move the temperatures up so that october feeling on saturday, 66 degrees and your question is
5:54 pm
where is the cold air? that cold air is way off to the north and the jet stream cutting across the great lakes and the arctic air is pushed in canada and it will remain there until the jet stream pushes to the south. the exclusive accuweather forecast, 65 tomorrow and record tying and then record breaking on saturday, 66 degrees and more records fall on sunday, 68 degrees and great for the eagles at the link and then the front pulls through here on monday afternoon with a round of rain and still mild of 68 degrees and we fall back to the 50s here tuesday, wednesday and thursday as we try out however the normal by then should be 45 degrees 10 degrees above normal despite the dip next week. so much more ahead on "action news."
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5:56 pm
thousands lines the streets in west conshohocken this week
5:57 pm
to see the famous anheuser busch clydesdale horses, smiles from everyone attending were not hard to come by and they were encouraged to snap selfies and the tree lighting ceremony is planned for tonight. right now we are standing by with these stories next at 6:00. police are looking for the man that flashed westchester university students on campus. and they say they tried to get revenge at the wrong house. and different religions join together for a cundiff i'ded over terrorism. that and much more coming up next at 6:00, for adam joseph, cecily tynan, jaime apody, monica malpass, and the entire "action news" team. i'm rick williams have a good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan and jim gardner. thursday night and another win for the second casino planned for philadelphia and police say that atm customers should watch their backs after two women are robbed at two new jersey banks, but the big story on "action news" is growing concern at westchester university. police are trying to locate the man that is flashing students, "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live at south new street near the westchester campus. what are the details here? >> reporter: jim, we are standing just a few blocks away from campus right where one of
6:00 pm
these incidents occurred. the victims are all students, women between 18 and 20 years old, none of them were harmed. it's happening on south new street. the second nearby. two creepy crimes they hope do not escalate. reports of a middle aged man flashing two students near westchester university campus. >> i don't understand why someone would do that. this is one of the more residential streets in westchester, the studentses are more over that way. so that actually surprises me. >> westchester borough police believe these are crimes of opportunity, the first happened saturday morning at 3:00 a.m., a 18-year-old student was walking along south new street when a white male in his 40s stepped out from an alley and


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